The Illusion of Separation

Once the true Self is known

the ego is helpless to influence, or to pull the attention.  It is seen as a child playing with it’s blocks, trying to make something interesting to gain attention.

For some time it may still believe it is separate from the unchanging Self and will struggle, or claim credit for doing something .  It gradually becomes clear that there is no separate doer.

Rather there is the illusion of a separate self or ego.  No harm in playing the game – there is freedom in it now.  No real foothold for the play of mind.  Fear, sadness, anger happiness, pride, compassion, empathy – all are imbued now with awareness of the illusion.   They may arise,  or not.  Arising, they can play out but can never be fully believed.   Nothing is more significant than another – all is revealed as imagined and as transitory as a wisp of smoke.

The true Self is inexpressibly vast, benign, empty.

I Am That

I Am

All is That

Expression expressing ItSelf

~Nicole Bennett.


About the heart of silence

Private counseling practice embracing the principles of Non-Duality, The Work of Bryon Katie, and Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy. I work with individuals, couples, families and groups.
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