resting in presence

Living is remarkably simple when we stay in our direct experience of each moment. The mind has said we must get busy – there is something to be done -and then we can be happy. The simple truth is that joy isn’t something we get; it is our natural state of being – and all that is required is to be fully and authenticly present in this moment. Too simple? That’s why it’s easy to miss it. We’ve been taught to strive; to become ; to try. Instead – just notice what is here now and fall into radical trust.

~ Nicole Bennett.

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You Remain

The mind sometimes runs out, gets very busy.  

You remain.

Stillness remains.

The fullness of Silence remains.

Once aware of this truth there is ease to the living of this life.   

No matter what appears to be happening, or where our attention may wander – the reality is that what we are is unchanged and unchanging.  

Abide in that Awarenes.

~ Nicole Bennett.

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